Introduction, Introspection

I begin with the end.
I will start this blog as the year 2016 is coming to an end.
Endings are the best parts in a story. It can wreck you. It can make you complete. It can lead you to a forthright conclusion. It can leave you in an illogical delusion. In a journey, the destination or the ending of the journey itself, is what really matters. Despite the hardships and detours of the road ahead.
Endings are transcending forces. It can lead you to new phase of yourself. It can even lead you to the rediscovery of your former self, now wanting to come out from the hibernation, wanting to be heard again. Hence, my return to writing. My return to the only thing that I can truly express myself.
What is introspection? Why introspection?
Introspection means an examination or observation of one’s thought or emotional processes. In layman terms, it means reflection on the things that had happened in our lives. For psychology majors like myself, familiarity with the word introspection is associated with Wilhem Wundt and his structuralist school of thought.
Introspecting is a part of my daily wonders in this world. Its a part of me that needs to be addressed at the end of the day. Reflecting on my decisions, my flow of thought, my interactions with this world, and the inner voice that wants to be heard. I find introspecting a healthy exercise. It allows you to examine causalities observed while taking a step back within you and see the world go by. And through writing some of my thoughts, I could ever exercise my introspection further.
I hope to include you in this journey too. A journey towards self-discovery, conviction formation, a step back from the busy world of today and into the solace of our thoughts and emotions. I will try my best to write whatever I can, though, I must admit, I am not perfect in writing by all means – I simply write raw, as an expression of myself. We will attempt to introspect on matters that seemed subtle yet profound and may have impacts into our lives.
But of course, I will not restrict myself to complicated mind musings, as I will try to write simple things that amuse, amaze and even strike fear into our hearts. I believe that is the core of introspection – to shake up everything, starting from within.
So cheers and let’s start introspecting for the year ahead. 🙂

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